Each project has its own unique set of opportunities and constraints, whether it's a master planned community, park, urban center, commercial site or industrial facility.  We are committed to carefully studying each project in collaboration with the project team in order to provide a solution that is uniquely suited to ensure its success.


Our project experience spans a diversity of sectors and markets, including single and multi-family residential, commercial, retail, office, and parks/recreation.


We have worked locally, across the USA, and in international markets including China, Mexico, Central and South America.


We deliver maximum value to our clients through:


Flexible and streamlined business model


Design expertise developed through local, national and international land development experience


Market understanding, including strategic design to generate project sales and occupancy, and awareness of cost efficiency and budgeting.













Studio DPA is a Planning and Landscape Architecture firm located in Phoenix, Arizona, and was founded by Andrea Pedersen and Tim Daugherty.  The studio brings over 45 years of combined experience to a variety of private and public sectors projects.